Working Together to Provide
Every Child Opportunities to Excel



Black Showstar Leotards and Pink tights. Hair should be pulled back out of face – Buns or ponytails, no bangs. Appropriate dance shoes for the style of class you are attending. Please wear cover ups when entering and exiting dance rooms and facility. No dangling jewelry should be worn to class.

If you miss a class or practice, you must make up the material you missed BEFORE the next practice. It is your responsibility to make up missed work. You must notify a teacher prior to practices if you will be absent. Having another team member “pass on the message” is not acceptable.

Practices should be silent, with the exception of the person teaching the routines. Anyone who consistently talks during instruction will be given a warning. If the talking continues he/she may be placed on probation or dismissed from that practice, class, or routine.

You are responsible for participating in all team events, such as fundraisers, special events, performances, etc. unless, otherwise instructed.

All electronics must either be turned off or set to “silent mode” during class or rehearsals.

Being disrespectful to a coach or fellow dancer. We expect respectful attitudes out of all of our dancers. All students must display excellent behavior and listening skills in class, and are expected to be positive role models for their non-competitive peers. Dancers must be able to accept positive criticism and constant corrections from instructors with a positive attitude.

No one sits down during a class or rehearsal unless we are taking a break, or you are specifically asked to sit and watch a group perform. There is always something you can be working on.

We take injuries very seriously. If you get hurt in or outside of class, you may be asked to sit out of practice until you present the teacher with a doctor’s note clearing you to resume dance activities.

You may not perform under the Tampa Gymnastics and Dance Showstar Performance Team name or use the choreography of any of its members without first clearing the performance with the teacher, choreographer, and the program director.