Working Together to Provide
Every Child Opportunities to Excel

Our dance program offers a variety of classes for all levels of ability and interest. Most dancers started in a simple preschool or recreational class and learn the love of dance. Whether it be Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical or Hip Hop we offer it all! Our dancers have performed in National Dance Competitions from Las Vegas to Lakeland. You've probably seen our girls in many local parades or performances around Tampa.

Showstar and performance teams strive to keep our members educated in the art of dance and performing, all while developing the discipline and appreciation for the art of dance. Our classes are designed to instill character, good citizenship and sportsmanship, and advance leadership skills. All of these qualities are important to our program but most importantly we build up a positive self-image and teach our students to have fun!


Members are evaluated by the teachers every year during the spring for the following year. The students are then reviewed by program director, dance director, and dance staff. They are then placed with in the showgroup/performance team levels.


Team members of that group must attend all performances regardless of whether or not you are performing. If your group is asked to perform, it is NOT OPTIONAL to attend. It is a privilege to be a part of our team. However, you will be excused from a performance or class if the teacher knows one month in advance, or it is a severe emergency.

It is possible that a member might not perform at every performance. Reasons for not performing may include:

  • Missing rehearsals or dress rehearsal before a performance

  • Not knowing the routine – each member will need to audition for each number that they are in before performing

  • Disciplinary actions

  • Being on probation for inappropriate behavior