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Annual Dance Recital

What are recitals?

A recital is a performance of art where CAN-DO dancers perform choreographed maneuvers in front of a special audiance, you! Dancers dress in costumes specific to the production and show off complicated steps that take months of practice to master. Recitals are fun for all!

Recital season is a very exciting time in our Dance Program. In January, we begin to prepare our students for our Annual Tampa Gymnastics & Dance Recital. If you are a first time parent feeling unsure about the recital, don't worry you are not alone, we have all been there and survived! In an effort to make your life a little less stressful, we have created this page to provide you and your child with an enjoyable recital experience. We want the recital to be a time when every student has a feeling of accomplishment as they perform on stage before family and friends. This is your child's chance to shine!


Tampa Gymnastics & Dance 29th Annual Recital 

Fri,Jun 15th   Evening, 6PM

David A. Starz Jr.
Center for the 
Performing Arts                           

Sat,Jun 16th Matinee, 1PM Evening, 6PM Louise Lykes Ferguson Hall
1010 North W.C MacInnes
Place, Tampa,FL 33602
Sun, Jun 17th Matinee, 1PM

Evening, 6PM



Recital Fee

Every child is response for a mandatory $40.00 recital fee.  The recital fees help defer the costes involved with the recital.  All rectital fees are paid online at:

Recital Ads

Ads are not mandatory this year, but can be purchased for an additonal cost.

All ad orders must be placed on-line; hard copy ads will not be accepted. Ad sizes are as follows:

Full page is 80x10.5
Half page is 80x5.24
Quarter page is 3.504.76
Business card is 3.502.38
All are in inches and the resolution for all is 300pixelsfmch.
No bleed necessary.

All tickets will be purchased on-line through the David A Straz Jr Center for the Performing Arts starting in May 2018, at:


Pictures and Video

Purchasing pictures is optional; however we ask that each child be present for pictures so they can be included in the group picture, which will be in our commemorative program book. 

PDF icon  



Parents may take photographs and video at dress rehearsal only. Cameras will not be allowed inside the theater on the day of the performance. Professional videos of the recital will be available to purchase. The DVDs will be on sale from February 1-June 30, 2018.  If DVDs are purchased by April 2nd, they will be mailed in the shipment.  DVDs purchased after this date will arrive in the second shipment.  After June 30th, the DVDs will not be available for purchase.  

New Tampa Photo Schedule: 

April 23-26, 2018

Wayne Papy Photo Schedule and Loretta Ingraham Photo Schedule:

April 28-May 5, 2018


A commemerative t-shirt is availble with this year's recital theme: Princess and the Frog is available to purchase from February 1-April 2, 2018 at: 

Program Books

Program books are a comemerative item featuring the class pictures and advertisements.  You may purchase a program book at a discounted rate between February 1-April 2, 2018. Program books will not be available for purchase online after April 2, 2018.  At the recital, we will only have a limited number of books to purchase at the Straz Center.  Program books will be $25.00 (cash only) at the show.  We strongly encourage you to pre-order you program book before April 2, 2018!


Thank you in advance for the time and effort you put in to this show! The staff is really excited about this year's recital. If you have any questions, you can e-mail us at: