Working Together to Provide
Every Child Opportunities to Excel

The CAN-DO gymnastics program offers an outstanding curriculum, state of the art facilities, and expert coaching. Our coaching staff has over 25 years of teamwork developing athletes of all ages. CAN-DO coaches focus not only on the physical skills necessary for gymnastics, but the positive mental attitude that will impact an athlete’s life in and out of the gym. Our curriculum offers all level of programs from preschool to recreational to competitive. CAN-DO has two facilities one Seminole Heights and one New Tampa that are fully equipped to provide a safe and educational atmosphere in which to learn.

Our Philosophy

Our coaching staff stresses the importance of developing well-rounded athletes. Not only do our coaches instruct on the physical skills necessary to perform, but they insist all athletes respect the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard work. Our coaches believe that finding that special quality in each child helps to provide a positive influence and foundation for success in all areas of life.

Our Team

Our coaching staff has both personal and professional gymnastics experience at the national and collegiate level. All our coaches are USA Gymnastics safety and skill certified, which means they have achieved a high level of training in both technique and safe skill development. It specifically means that our athletes are getting the best and safest gymnastics experience.