Working Together to Provide
Every Child Opportunities to Excel

About Us

Established in 1993, Children's Athletic Network & Dance Opportunites Inc., better known as CANDO Sports, is a local non-profit organization created to provide affordable athletics and expanding opportunities for youth to excel.  


The Children's Athletic Network and Dance Opportunities Inc., in collaboration with the City of Tampa Parks & Recreation Department, provides affordable and quality sports opportunities for every youth to excel. 


CANDO Sports partners with the Tampa Parks & Recreation Department to enhance and expand the current sports programs and activities for youth athletes across the state through developmentally appropriate competition.  Cando Sports offers equal opportunities to all minorities and underserved youth in the community, regardless of income or nationality.  This successful partnership offers the Tampa Bay area competitive programs in:

  1. Tampa Gymnastics

  2. Tampa Gymnastics & Dance - TGD Showstars

  3. Team Tampa Basketball 

  4. Team Tampa Softball

  5. Team Tampa Rowing




  • Jessica Perez, President

    • Entrepreneur 

  • Tara Earl

  • Linda S. Mills

    • The Mills Group, LLC

  • Judge Jack Gutman
    • Hillsborough County Court Judge
  • Sunny Patel

  • Michael Pellicci
  • Mary Campanello, Cando Sports Director

City of Tampa Staff: 

  • Linda Hall

    •  New Tampa Site Supervisor II

  • Michael Moseley

    •  River Center Site Supervisor II

  • Shana Logan
    • Team Supervisor 1
  • Patricia Gross 

    • Team Supervisor II, Special Facilities

  • ​Cedric Smith

    • Team Supervisor II, Athletics

  • Heather Wolf-Erickson

    • Athletics, Aquatics, & Special Facilities Manager

Important Facts

  • Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization
  • Established in 1993
  • Holds a co-operative agreement with the City of Tampa Parks & Recreation 
  • Has donated over $1.3 Million to youth sports
  • Utilizes multiple City of Tampa facilities
  • Serves thousands of local youth 5 years to 18 years of age
  • Affordable gymnastics, dance, basketball, softball, and rowing programs

    CANDO's success can be measured by the accomplishments of the participants we serve. The true measure of our success is seeing the satisfaction and confidence in the faces of the children as they master their sport.

    ​CANDO stresses sportsmanship and teamwork above all. This philosophy teaches the athlete to support and respect their teammates and coaching staff while striving to reach his or her own full potential in their sport, and in life.

    For more information on specific sports visit the ACTIVITY/SPORT tab above.