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Mr. Stowe, You will be missed!

The gymnastics community has lost a pioneer in the world of AAU Team Florida Gymnastics with the passing of C. Gene Stowe, on June 16th, 2016.  Before coming to Tampa Gymnastics and Dance, Mr. Stowe served our country, was a son, husband, and father, owned his own gymnastics center, retired and then started all over again at our humble establishment.

Tampa Gymnastics and Dance had the good fortune of Heather Erickson reeling Mr. Stowe into our organization, where he helped it grow with vision, wisdom and the commitment to stay the course. By staying the course, TGD, grew from 50 students to over 1,000 students. His wealth of knowledge and experience helped put Tampa Gymnastics and Dance on the map in both AAU and USA gymnastics. 

Mr. Stowe used all the tricks in the book to convince his students they were capable of executing a skill, even if they were terrified.  He had a magic that made gymnasts believe not only in their gymnastics ability but in their ability to be something great in this world.

Mr. Stowe left his mark on Tampa Gymnastics and Dance and the gymnastics community as a whole. Here at CAN-DO his legacy will continue to live on in the athletic scholarship that bears his name and in our fond memories.

If you have stories that you would like to share of Mr. Stowe, please feel free to do so on our CANDO facebook page as we know those memories would give great comfort to Ms. Valerie and Mr. Stowe’s sons.